6 types of nutrients essential for muscle growth - bones and joints

6 types of nutrients essential for muscle growth - bones and joints
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Calcium And Vitamin D - Good For Bones

Did you know that calcium is one of the main minerals that make up bones? Calcium in the body is stored in bones. Therefore, if there is not enough calcium supplementation needed, then the body will take calcium from the bones. If this process continues for a long time, it will gradually lose calcium, affecting bone strength.

Besides not provide enough calcium, the vitamin D deficient diets are also a major cause of the lack of calcium in the body.

Vitamin D Help absorption of calcium from the intestines into the blood

So how to ensure that you have absorbed enough calcium and vitamin D needed every day? 

However, factors such as age, ethnicity and lifestyle can reduce the effective absorption of this vitamin D. So the simplest way to ensure the body is provided adequate vitamin D is to use vitamin D supplements daily.

Collagen and Vitamin C - Good For Joints

Collagen not only for youthful skin, but also the main components that make up the bones and joints, and supporting tissues against stretching and deformation of the body.

 The Scientific Research has shown that, Supplement Collagen Daily dietary Very healthy joints. Also, Collagen will support the synthesis of cartilage To Stay Healthy Joints.


But collagen is not enough. To protect joints from damage caused by the unnatural links with the radical, we need to add antioxidants such as Vitamin C in your diet daily.

Vitamin C not only supports the synthesis of collagen which also helps to protect the body from damaging due to free radicals cause *.

* The free radicals produced when our bodies are exposed to environmental pollution, radiation or lifestyle physical inactivity, dietary imbalances, smoke ... Too many free radicals can cause damage serious harm to the body. Therefore, the addition of antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E are essential to the body against the harmful effects of it. 

Protein and magnesium good for your muscles

Protein is an essential component in the body because of all the cells and tissues of the body are formed from protein. In particular, accounted for 20% Protenin in muscle structure. Absorbing sufficient amounts of protein with an important role in the formation and maintenance of muscular firmness.  

  • Protein present in most protein Foods But dairy is one of the best protein sources
  • Protein in cow's milk includes amino acids that are uniquely incorporated, helping to optimize muscle performance, reducing the risk of muscle loss due to the aging process.
  • In addition to Protein, We Also Need More Mary

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays an important role in protein synthesis, maintaining muscle functions, participating in energy metabolism, and supporting muscle contraction. In addition, magnesium also works to firm, improve activity and stimulate muscle formation in the body.


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