How to protect your baby on hot days that every parent should know

How to protect your baby on hot days that every parent should know
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The hot sun accompanied by sudden changes in temperature creates a favorable environment for bacteria and viruses to break out and attack young children. Along with that, the high ambient temperature makes children sweat a lot, leading to the risk of dehydration, electrolyte loss ...

Children are poorly adapted

Children and the elderly are the two subjects least adaptable to changes in temperature and weather. Because the center of regulation of the body is located in the brain, while children have incomplete brains and the elderly are aging gradually. Therefore, when the weather is long and hot, along with the outbreak of bacteria and viruses, is the right time to make children easily sick.

Some diseases children may experience in the dry season

  • Diarrhea and food poisoning are the most susceptible childhood illnesses. The hot sun makes food easier to spoil, polluted environment makes the spread of germs more favorable. Unsecured beverages also make children more prone to diarrhea.
  • Infection, viral infection (virus): fever, cough, rash, vomiting, irritability ... are common symptoms if the child is infected with bacteria or virus during this hot weather. Some diseases children can encounter during prolonged heat such as pneumonia, typhus fever, chicken pox, mumps, meningitis, hand, foot, mouth, dengue fever ... These are all dangerous diseases, can be many sequelae if not prevented and treated promptly.

Protect children in hot weather

To proactively prevent the risks of diseases children can get, mothers can apply the following measures:

  • Creating good personal hygiene habits such as washing hands clean and properly before eating, after using the toilet and playing will help children reduce the risk of illness from their own hands.
  • Hygiene and safety: Eating well - drinking boiling is the first basic principle when preventing disease. If possible, mom, please prepare daily meals for your baby. Choose clean food sources, ensure the origin, limit junk foods, carbonated drinks or unhygienic drinks.
  • Ensuring a hygienic and safe living environment: Parents need to pay attention to keep the children's living and play environment hygienic. Clearing the environment, removing standing water places to prevent the growth of mosquitoes - vectors transmission of dengue fever.
  • Increase drinking water and adequate electrolyte replenishment: Mother should actively give babies water, not thirst for drinking. Juices, vitamins, fruit juices ... rich in minerals and vitamins are very suitable for these summer days.
  • Fully vaccinated: Currently, many dangerous diseases have been fully vaccinated. Do not hesitate to take your child to immunization facilities to get vaccinated against dangerous diseases right from the start.
  • Choose quality baby skin care products so that after a tiring day of play, your baby will be smelling clean. Especially, natural products 

Prevention is always better than cure, so to ensure the child's health, mothers should take care of children from strengthening their resistance every day. In addition to preventive hygiene measures, it is very important to ensure a reasonable and qualified diet. The younger the child, the more careful mother needs to be taken care of because at this time the child's digestive system and resistance are still very young, creating conditions for bacteria to easily attack through the intestinal tract and cause disease. To protect the child's digestive system, mothers need to balance the intestinal microflora by increasing the addition of beneficial bacteria and soluble fiber. Nutrition experts believe that supplementing probiotics from food sources familiar to the human body such as pickles, kimchi ... will be safe for the health of younger children.


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